Who We Are

Webcall Research is a Market Research agency specialized in data collection for hard to reach respondents for B2B and BTC in the Asia Pacific .

We are specialized in the Remote Interviewing approach which means that our interviewers connect to our Clients' CATI systems remotely from our call centre in Asia for the Data Collection. Our clients are therefore maintaining overall control over the fieldwork operation including training, briefings, quality control, with complete visibility on fieldwork progress.

We have a deep understanding of the regional marketplaces, cultures and condition that impact on the way we conduct interviews. This knowledge combined with our in-house technological expertise in communications allows us to optimize our strategies, at every level, resulting in increased competitivity and flexible fieldwork capabilities for our clients.

A Dedicated Team of Managers and Well Trained Native Speaker Interviewers warranty seamless communication at all levels, and deliverables to the highest standards and quality requirements.

"An innovative approach was required that put the problem into a new perspective and turn it into an opportunity"

While holding positions in strategic marketing, product innovation and technology, the founders of Webcall Research  Joy and Spyros recognized that the necessity of entering the Asian Market was undermined by  minimum quality control and increased operational costs resulting sometime in lost business opportunities.

The combination of Thailand’s demographic diversity and multiculturalism, along with a technology that facilitates structural decentralization, enables distributed units to communicate and share resources in time and space. Furthermore, with founders’ strong organizational attitude and managerial excellence, we re-designed the fieldwork framework to a well-crafted open-architecture that enables customers to:

  • expand their operations in Asia
  • leverage their technological CATI investment
  • unify quality control

  • Webcall research provides data collection companies with extra flexible fieldwork capabilities combined with a full control over the whole process.  

"Our mission is to enable our customers reach asian market by utilizing their resources, maintaining quality control of the entire fieldwork and maximizing their margins"




In order to achieve our goals a specific set of principles is applied on every operation

As members of professional associations such as the Information System and Control Association (ISACA), we subscribe to and follow the codes of ethics, principles and conduct of these organizations.
We strictly comply with client's quality standards.
We are open, adaptable and eager to learn from our partners.
We are undertaking projects that we are qualified to do.
We strive for collaboration and long term business relationship with our clients
Our novel business model is based on priorities, values, attitudes and ethics that support creativity and discovery of new ways of doing things.
Our pragmatic, positive and holistic approach to change help us listening to our clients and enhancing our core business priorities.


It is webcall's strategic decision to heavily invest on technology so as to be at the forefront of Information Systems Management and innovation
Our main focus and expertise is on:

  • VOIP and Real time communications
  • Collaboration tools and ICT
  • Virtualization
  • Information security governance


Human Capital

People who work with us are our most valuable asset and a vital contributor for our success.

Attracting and retaing  the right people, in the right job, with the right skills are integrated values in our culture.

Our generous performance reward system that linked with quality, client and respondent feedback along with personal commitment and contribution, attracts high quality interviewers with the necessary skills required for B2B data collection. Most of our interviewers are mature individuals with work experience which we believe is an asset in interviewing C-level or Management level respondents but also customers and consumers

Win-Win approach with Every Client

Our framework is all about collaboration, so a win-win relationship is required. Sharing knowledge, expertise and resources creates a dynamic and unified environment that boosts creativity and innovation.

We will also keep our organizational structure as simple as possible so we can ease information flow and decision making.

We are open to new ideas and recommendations from our clients that will improve our current operations and standards.



Suthida Teeraprasert

Managing Director

Joy brings a 5 years experience as General Manager for Simtech Footwear Co Ltd (Thailand) where she was responsible for leading the strategic planning, driving product innovation and overseeing sales and production. She has worked also as Marketing Executive & Coordinator for Abacus Capital Co Ltd (Singapore).

Joy is responsible for the corporate governance of Webcall Research. She manages all aspects of fieldwork operations including recruitment, training, monitoring supervision of interviewers, and quality compliance. She also coordinates with clients' fieldwork managers, trainers and researchers for operations such as training, briefing, quality control and project management.

Joy holds a MA in English Communications and an MSc in Management from Lancaster University.

Email: teeraprasert@webcall-research.com

Spyros Koutlelos.

Managing Partner

With more than 4 years experience in developing, integrating and supporting call center IT infrastructure and ICT systems at technical and operational level for RONIN Corporation is the driving force behind Webcall's state-of-the-art communication and collaboration infrastructure. His specialization in VOIP systems management, customization and deployment for distributed corporate environments, has created Webcall's robust and highly efficient monitoring platform. He has extensive experience in developing, managing and implementing security policies, procedures, controls and system deployment.

He is the architect of Webcall systems and process and he oversees the day-to-day business operations. He is also responsible for the effective integration of clients CATI systems and Webcall's VOIP monitoring platform.

Spyros holds a BSc in Applied Informatics and Economics, and an MSc in Information Technology, Management and Organizational Change from Lancaster University. He is also a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) from ISACA London Charter.

Email: koutlelos@webcall-research.com